Welcome To Bethany Moorings

Greetings neighbors:  As many of you know, I offered a bethanymoorings.com website several months back. Unfortunately, my computer crashed and I was not able to retrieve it so I am once again starting another website for the benefit of the residents of the Bethany Moorings Sub-division.  Be sure to check out the Bulletin Board for information, Services Offered for services you need, Items for Sale or Wanted for either, and Religion for a time of reflection.

You can have posted any information that you think is useful to our residents. Would you like to invite your neighbors to attend your church? Perhaps you have a Bible study and would like to invite folks to join in. Are you selling your house? Do you want to rent your house?  Are you having a yard sale, then just let me know and I’ll post it for you. Do you own a business that you would like advertised? Do you have a bridge club? Do you gather to swap coupons? Do you baby sit? Do you walk dogs? This is your opportunity to let folks know.

I do ask that you be specific. That is, don’t just say, as an example, "I have a boat for sale". Tell me what kind, where it can be seen, how much you want for it and a telephone number. If you want to offer a service, give me as much information as you can so that those who are interested will know exactly what to expect and of course provide a telephone number. You get the idea!

Feedback is always welcome. Since you have visited the website, please send me an e-mail. I want to see how many people have found the website. 

I can be reached at :  bjprice@etcmail.com

 The "hit" counter at the bottom of the home page has started over again It has a mind of it's own and realizing that I have been keeping up with the hits myself. As of 4 June 2015 we have a total count of 18, 634.
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